Helping Hands - Prepaid Service Retainer

Helping Hands - Prepaid Service Retainer

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HELPING HANDS to take some of the load off your plate.

Up to 10 hours | Every 4 Weeks

👉Leverage my expertise to increase the value of your time.👈

How would it feel to free up 10 hours of your time each month? I take the burden of starting or completing important but background projects off your shoulders.

  • Prepaid Service
  • Up to 10 hours every 4 weeks
  • Project or task-based work
  • No carry over hours
  • Service agreement provided
  • Subscribe & Save - 3 Month Subscription Service | 28-day billing cycle

You get executive level, creative support, I can hear your plan and run with it. Execute tasks by design and get the load off your plate!

With my Business Management Certificate, Real Estate, Travel, and Finance Industries background, along with dynamic entrepreneurial experience, my professional remote support will help you leverage the time you need in your day.