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Attaché Private Client Service-New Client Invitation Request

Attaché Private Client Service-New Client Invitation Request

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Attaché Private Client Service for your Luxury Cruise & Travel

Delivering excellence in every travel design detail, you will explore the world in opulent luxury while creating lasting memories of enriching experiences with envy-inducing photo opportunities. Imagine the amazing stories you will collect and the micro-moments you can share with your family and friends through your own digital online travel journal. These are the soul-nurturing journeys bucket lists are made of!

This exclusive service is by invitation only, for elevated private travel planning and project management consulting services for indulgent travel experiences. Learn more here

Who gets an invitation to VIP service? 
  1. Existing Client: You are an existing client, who has already paid my $300 pre-paid consulting service retainer, and we have agreed your travel preferences are better suited for this level of travel planning and project management VIP Service.
  2. New clients: You know you have particular needs, complex requests, specialized planning and project management expectations, you want to engage my services starting out as a VIP Attaché Private Client.
👉New Client next steps: Purchasing this $0.00 invitation request.

VIP Attaché Private Client Service is a percentage-based gratuity for services. Invoiced at a minimum 15% gratuity applied to the total value of all products and services reserved / booked in relation to your complete itinerary and immersive travel experience.

The $300 pre-paid consulting service retainer is paid up front, and the gratuity balance* collected when all reservations are made and we have a final trip total. This gratuity for service model, is based on the idea that the more nuanced your preferences, and desired inclusions, the more work and expertise is required to plan and design your ultimate vacation experience, without the limiting constraints of calculating my time to curate your vacation itinerary.

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