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Professional Virtual Assistant

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🏡 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

You are building your personal brand and have new or existing social channels. While you are busy with listings, showings and selling real estate, are you keeping up with your audience engagement and other creative projects? 

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✈️ Luxury Group Travel by Design

Leverage my Travel Industry connections when I help you plan your Ultimate Travel Experience! Luxurious destinations, Premium Preferred Brands, Executive Service. Premium Groups starting from 4 Guests / 2 Rooms.

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📅 Prepaid Virtual Assistant Services

How would it feel to free up 10 to 16 hours of your time each month? I take the burden of starting or completing important but background projects off your shoulders. My professional remote support will help you leverage the time you need in your day.

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Some Fun Facts About Me

I have been working from my home office since 2002,
finding ⚖️ balance while juggling family & professional life.

That time when The Wall Street Journal asked for my opinion...
"Housing Rebound in Canada" - 2010

Life after 40: I learned how to ride a 🏍️ motorcycle and took up golf ⛳

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Reviews and Testimonials

Cindy is the virtual assistant I have been dreaming of, a person that finishes my sentences and completes my thoughts. Her ideas supersede anything I can drum up. She allows me to transfer and complete my projects and she organizes them with smooth execution. Thanks!

Sharon Bradley, eXp Realty Broker

I have known and worked with Cindy for several years and always found her to be very professional and personable. Cindy has been very helpful, mainly by identifying ways in which her company could support my objectives. Cindy’s ability to bring forth insightful new perspectives, has always been appreciated. I have always valued Cindy’s consistent, timely follow ups and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Jody Jones, MNP

Cindy is a wonderful coach with extensive hands-on business experience. A seasoned entrepreneur that knows what we all go through. I'd definitely enlist her services! I've worked with Cindy in a couple of businesses and have thoroughly enjoyed her professionalism, knowledge and cheerful go-getter personality!

Denise Chapman, Graphic Designer

In all my years of experience, some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Cindy is one of those people. She is well known among our community for her intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, and leadership. She is well respected for being the “go-to” person, for getting things done, for meeting short deadlines, for accomplishing any task required of her. Throughout the time I have known her, she has shown me time and again that she is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential.

Erina F. Wilsons Beach Community Association

Cindy's impact is huge on our growth potential. She finds new business often, especially with her social connections in the area. She assists with team sales in this manor and is doing right by the clients as she finds potential needs they may have and sets them in the right direction to receive the best advice possible.

Paige B. Financial Planner, RBC

Cindy is always looking for new and innovative opportunities. She has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge to help others.

Vicki K. Calgary Board of Education (CBE)

Cindy is a very nice lady. She is very educated and we worked together and I think their ideas and strategies are very good for business and marketing.

Anurag Sharma, SEO Analyst

It was a smooth process, good balance of digital and personal interaction. Cindy is a joy to work with and is very positive person. She is "teckie" and gives good directions to help the projects task run smoothly.  I am very happy with the project/service received, and I would recommend working with Cindy.

Sharon B. Broker & Notary, eXp Realty

Cindy is an excellent coach for your real estate investing. She will take you to the next level, not only directly with real estate but other areas as well. I strongly recommend her.

DJ Thielen, CEO, RE Investor, Best Selling Author